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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 3: Crime Stories

'The Dry' novel by Jane Harper

Crime Fiction and Contemporary Social Anxieties

'Sherlock' is Garbage, and Here's Why (YouTube review)

This review is 1hr 50 mins long, so skip through mention of Dr Who and Jekyll and Hyde.
TRIGGER WARNING! There is some bad language involved in this review!
These are the sections:
Part 1: The story of Steven Moffat (the writer)  (at 3mins 14sec.)
Part 2: Overarching plot (at 8mins. 12sec.)
Part 3: Sherlock the all-important ubermensch (27.46)
Part 4: Moriarty (39.19)
Part 5: Aesthetics or How to waste licence-payer money (46.58)

'Sherlock, the Abominable Bride' (YouTube Review)