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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 2: Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of mind


OneSearch Database Explorer

The ENTIRE collection of resources provided by the BBC Birtles Library can be searched on ONE single, powerful search platform, which retrieves print books, eBooks, database articles and websites. Click HERE for assistance.

Searle's Chinese Room Argument


Chinese Room - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Chinese Room argument - Encyclopedia Britannica. Scroll down the page past 'Intentionality and Consciousness' 

The Chinese Room Argument - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Chinese Room Argument - Britannica. Use a Control + F search to search the term "Chinese Room" in the article

Why the Chinese Room Argument is Flawed

How to Write In-Text References for Humanities


Causal Determinism: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Determinism: The Information Philosopher

Determinism vs Free Will: Crash Course in Philosophy (below)

Useful Databases

 World Religions online database. Username: brisboys and Password: trial. Look on the tab at the top and see if there are any 'Primary Sources'. On trial because of the Corona Virus shutdown until May 31.

General Philosophy Resources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Facts Encyclopedia - Philosophy Resources. 
Virtual Religion
Some texts from Early Modern Philosophy
The Philosophy of Religion - from the Stanford Encyclopedia
The basics of Philosophy - you can search by branch/doctrine, by historical period, by movement/school, or by individual philosopher. 
Smart Scholar
Wiphi - Our mission is to introduce the public to the practice of philosophy through free, entertaining, and accessible videos featuring experts from around the world.
History of Philosophy - King's College London