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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 4: Cold War

2024 Topics

Cold War - Chapter from 'Modern History Transformed - Year 12' by D. Le Cornu, C. Bradbury and K. Carroll.
AlphaHiistory - Cold War topics
BBC: Cold War
History learning site UK: What Was the Cold War?
Gamblizard: Fall of the Soviet Union
United Kingdom Government National Archive
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: The Cold War
Wilson Centre Origins of the Cold War Documents - This collection of primary source documents discusses international relations during World War II and the years shortly after.
Look through the History databases above under 'Central Intelligence Agency' or 'C.I.A.'. There are many sources here!
C.I.A. (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) - Accessed via Gale E-books database. By Judson Knight, at
Central Intelligence Agency C.I.A. - Accessed via Modern History database. By Combs, Cindy C., and Martin W. Slann. 2007. By Infobase publishers.
Central Intelligence Agency - Accessed via Modern World History database. By Combs, Cindy C., and Martin W. Slann. “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). 2007.
Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) - Accessed via Gale E-books database. By Hugh Wilford, Professor of History, California State University, Long Beach USA, at
Establishment of the C.I.A. and its vital role in the Cold War era - PhD. thesis submitted for approval.
Central Intelligence Agency - Accessed via JSTOR database. Very long document with lots of information!
C.I.A. Primary Source: Remarks at the cornerstone-laying for the CIA Building at Langley, Virginia, November 3 1959 
C.I.A. Primary Source: Remarks to top personnel at the CIA March 7 1969 - Accessed via History Reference Centre
C.I.A. Primary Source: Remarks to Agency employees August 16, 1978

Book Review: "U.S. Covert Operations and Cold War Strategy: Truman, Secret Warfare, and the CIA, 1945-53"

eBooks from the

Primary Source documents

Wilson Center Digital Archive:  excellent range of primary documents - use the search box to find your topic
The Avalon Project, Yale Law School: primary documents from the Cold War
CIA:  Assessing the Soviet threat
Library of Congress: Revelations from the Russian Archives_Cold War.  Documents translated into English and accessed via the Library of Congress
Office of The Historian, United States Government: Cold War years
British National Archives: The Cold War
John F Kennedy Museum: Cold War documents - videos of speeches from the Cold War 
Korean War : Australian Government
Berlin Wall
Occupation and the Emergence of Two States (1945-1961): German History in Documents and Images

Video Overview of the Cold War


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History Essay Template

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