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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 2: Management Effectiveness - Improving Liquidity

Class texts

Stanley and Ryan (2017) Accounting - Units 1 & 2 - this can be accessed using the 'Campion' link on Highlands

Stanley and Ryan (2019) Accounting - Units 3 & 4 (only need Ch 2) - this can be accessed using the 'Campion' link on Highlands


What is liquidity?

Liquidity ratios

How to improve liquidity

Credit Risk

Investopedia: What is credit risk?
Accounting Tools: Credit risk definition
Bank Rate: Credit risk
Corporate Finance Institute (CFI): Credit risk - Overview, risk management, credit rating, 5 Cs
Corporate Finance Institute (CFI): Credit risk analysis models
National Debt Helpline: Risks of using 'Buy now, pay later'
Nicole Heales Financial: The risks of 'Buy Now, pay later' services

Professional Associations

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ): Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) represents more than 131,673 financial professionals, supporting them to make a difference to the businesses, organisations and communities in which they work and live.

Australian Financial Markets Association: The Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) was formed in 1986. They are an industry association promoting efficiency, integrity and professionalism in Australia's financial markets.

Accrual Accounting

ONESearch Database Explorer

The ENTIRE collection of resources provided by the BBC Birtles Library can be searched on ONE single, powerful search platform, which retrieves print books, eBooks, database articles and websites. Click HERE for assistance.

News & Media Resources

 Australian Financial Review (only accessible on campus, without logins)

 ABC News Online: Australian Broadcasting Corporation news website

 SBS News: Australian news service provided by SBS

Advanced Web Searching Tips

1. Use 'Ctrl F' (Control + Find) to search for particular terms easily in a long document, whether from a website or a database article.
2.  Use a Boolean command - put double inverted commas around phrases to limit and improve your results eg "energy drinks cardiovascular problems children". 
3. Use a Google domain command eg site:edu OR site:gov to limit results to a CERTAIN DOMAIN such as education or government eg biodiesel site:edu
4. Use a Google command to limit results to the MOST RECENT: After you get your results, choose the Google Menu Bar, and choose 'Tools'. Then on the far left, at the drop-down menu next to 'Any Time', you can choose 'Within the last year' (or less, if you prefer), but generally, you can choose 'Custom Range' at the bottom, as often the last 3-4 years would be sufficient for a recent search.

End of Period Reports

Wall Street Mojo: Reporting period
Debitoor: Period end reporting
Corporate Financial Institute: Reporting period
Vertafore: End of period and end of year
Accounting Tools: Reporting period definition

Accounting Databases


  IBISWorld (accessible on campus and at home - both via logins) Has research on over 500 Australian Industries, including statistics, analysis and forecasts. Note: Logins are needed both at home and on campus.