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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 1: The Russian Revolution (IA3)

Possible Topics

  • The role of the Tsar, Nicholas II, (and Tsarina Alexandra?)
  • A critique of Tsarist Russia – in general – leading to the Revolutions
  • The roles of prominent characters associated with the Revolution:
    • Lenin
    • Trotsky
    • Kerensky
    • Rasputin
  • The 1905 Revolution
  • The effect of Russia’s involvement in WWI
  • The dynamic/power struggle between the Provisional Govt. and the Petrograd Soviet during 1917
  • The Russian Civil War (Reds v Whites)
  • The ultimate Bolshevik victory – why did it occur?

The above is not a finite list - if you have another request then pass it by your teacher for approval.

Useful Websites

Russo-Japanese War (Britannica, n.d.) 
[Russian] foreign policy and the Russo-Japanese War (Britannica, n.d.) 
International Encyclopedia of the First World War: Russo-Japanese-War 
"The Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905, caused by Russian and Japanese expansionism in the Far East, inflicted humiliating defeats on Russia at land and sea. The war contributed to domestic unrest in both countries, catalysing the revolution of 1905 in Russia.

Key Figures

Primary Sources

Fordham University Internet Sourcebook: Russian Revolution
Eurodocs: A Collection of Primary Sources
Alpha History: Russian Revolution Documents
This is a solid collection of primary documents from 1917 as well as a detailed chronology of events.
Seton Hall University: Documents in Russian History
Granger Academic
Seventeen Moments in Soviet History
This is a collection of primary and multi-media materials relating to 17 key moments in the history of the Soviet Union from 1917-1991. Each section contains an introductory essay plus access to digitised government documents, photographs and multi-media clips. Links are also provided to related web sites.​

​The Deepening of the Russian Revolution 1917

This is a good source for both online and print primary documents about the 1917 Revolution. One of the most engaging aspects of this site for student is the interactive parallel timelines for workers, peasants, soldiers and activists.
Eyewitness Accounts: Visitors to Soviet Russia 1917-1928
A series of reports, photographs and other documents of eye witness accounts of the early years of the Soviet Union by foreign visitors.
Time Magazine: The Bolshevik October Revolution in Pictures
Time magazine’s compelling photo essay allows students to see the events of 1917 through the lens of gorgeous black and white photos taken during the Revolution.
Sources of Evidence
An online teaching module on 1917 with a great section of primary sources including revolutionary songs, pictures and maps.

BBC Library Catalogue - Oliver

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OneSearch Database Articles

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Useful Databases

Source Analysis and Evaluation Skills


IOPCAM Source Analysis and Evaluation

See more information at 'History Skills' 


Source Evaluation Skills

Adapted from the book by Douglas Newton, ‘Germany 1918-1945: From Days of Hope to Years of Horror’, Collins Dove, Melbourne, 1990.

MyBib Referencing Generator

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Useful Ebooks from the Library Catalogue

Documents to Help With Your Writing

Template for History Essay

Template for History Essay - Example

How to write a History Key Question and Hypothesis
Explains the foundation of your essay construction!

Essay Blank Template - PEEAL
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PEEL Template: Model Answer - Women in Nazi Germany
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