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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 2: Queen Hatshepsut (IA2)

Oliver Library Catalogue

Oliver Library Catalogue

Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh That Wouldn't Be Forgotten - Kate Green

Useful Websites

Ancient History Encyclopedia: The Temple of Hatshepsut
Ancient History Encyclopedia - Queen Hatshepsut: Daughter of Amun, Pharaoh of Egypt Hatshepsut
Live Science - Hatshepsut: First Female Pharaoh
BBC: Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis: a royal feud?
After her death, Pharoah Hatshepsut vanished from Egyptian history. Was her stepson, Tuthmosis III, to blame?
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Hatshepsut - From Queen to Pharaoh
This MET publication is a book, consisting of a collection of essays by leading Egyptologists.
Click on 'Download pdf'. It may take a little time to download.

Possible Themes to Choose

You might like to find sources on the following aspects of Hatshepsut's reign:

Representations of her gender

Her building program

Her military initiatives

Her foreign policy and trade initiatives

IA2: Format for Layout of Assignment

QCAA Sample IA2 Response on Assyria

TASK: Investigate an aspect of Assyria from Tiglath Pileser III to the fall of the Empire. Present your findings in an independent source investigation of 1500–2000 words.

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Useful Articles

  • Hatshepsut - Chapter from Personalities in their times

Hatshepsut Building Program

Hatshepsut launched an extensive building program, repairing the damage wrought by the invading Hyksos and building magnificent temples. She renovated her father's hall in the Temple of Karnak, erecting four great obelisks nearly 100 feet (30m) tall, and added a chapel.

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2.  Use a Boolean command - put double inverted commas around phrases to limit and improve your results eg "energy drinks cardiovascular problems children". 
3. Use a Google domain command eg site:edu OR site:gov to limit results to a CERTAIN DOMAIN such as education or government eg biodiesel site:edu
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