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Year 10: Term 2: Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion



Hindus are polytheistic (they believe in millions of gods) but all gods are part of one overall supreme being called Brahman.

Pain and suffering as viewed by the Hindu religion. This article discusses God/The Ultimate in relation to pain and suffering and reveals some Hindu beliefs about Brahman.

Why Hinduism is Science-proof

What is the proof that Hindu gods exist? - opinions posted to the website Quora with some interesting points made.

What's the proof that God exists? - another site with people's opinions but this one has links to some Hindu sacred texts or the writings of wise men. 

Hinduism: basic beliefs



Sankhya - A heavy going article

Samkhya and its arguments against God's existence

The design argument in classical Hindu thought - a long article so do Ctrl F for 'God' to find information about this belief


Shinto: The ancient religion of Japan

Shinto - scroll through the whole site because there is information about gods throughout, but it also discusses primary sources for Shintoism

Shinto - from the BBC Religions website

What are kami?

Revealing the one true god to polytheistic Shinto culture - skip down to the heading Shinto definition of "god"

A history of Japanese religion: from ancient times to present This is a university thesis, so quite detailed/intense.

Shinto: an experience of being at home in the world with nature and with others - This is a university thesis, so it's quite intense. The first portion (p.13ff) is about kami (spirits/the sacred).

Cults - Beliefs on Gods


The ENTIRE collection of resources provided by the BBC Library can be searched on ONE single, powerful search platform, which retrieves print books, eBooks, database articles and websites. Click HERE for assistance.

QCAA sample assessment instrument


Useful Databases for Philosophy of Religion

 World Religions online database. Username: brisboys and Password: trial. Look on the tab at the top and see if there are any 'Primary Sources'. On trial because of the Corona Virus shutdown until May 31.


Moral arguments for the existence of God

Christianity - Faith and reason - This is a comprehensive article by Encyclopedia Britannica. Skip down to 'The Existence of God' and have a look through different types of arguments for the existence of God, including teleological, cosmological, ontological and moral arguments, followed by arguments from religious experience and miracles. 

Arguments why God (very probably) exists - from The Conversation website

Moral arguments for the existence of God - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Proofs for the existence of God: Argument from Revelation - from a Philosophy of Religion textbook

Proving God exists

What is the best argument for the existence of God?

Philosophical skills

Introduction to critical thinking

Deductive arguments

Abductive arguments (Khan Academy)

What makes a valid argument

Sound and unsound arguments (Khan Academy)

Justification and explanation

Argument and evidence (in relation to religion)

Websites for fallacies - one of Mr Johnson's favourite websites

Guide to the study of philosophy

How to argue your case like a great philosopher. Robust debate is an important skill in work and life. Knowing how to argue is more than simply stating your opinion. Dr Patrick Stokes shares his tips.  

General and Comparative Sources on Philosophy of Religion

Arguments for the existence of God - Ch 5 & 6 of a Philosophy of Religion textbook; it deals with different ways a religion might try to prove the existence of god/gods, the problems and benefits of these arguments

Philosophy of Religion - section 2 is about religious diversity

Philosophy of Religion from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion - use Ctrl F to find general information about your topic - can be accessed through Gale in Context database.

Concept of God in major religions - this article mainly compares the concept of God in Hinduism and Christianity (comparing them to Islam and Judaism)

Philosophy of Religion eBooks

undefined What is Philosophy of Religion? by Charles Taliaferro.

undefined Contemporary Philosophy of Religion by Steven Duncan and Mark Addis.

undefined Philosophy of Religion by Chad Meister

General philosophy resources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Facts Encyclopedia - Philosophy Resources. 

Virtual Religion

Some texts from Early Modern Philosophy

The Philosophy of Religion - from the Stanford Encyclopedia

The basics of Philosophy - you can search by branch/doctrine, by historical period, by movement/school, or by individual philosopher. 

Smart Scholar

Wiphi - Our mission is to introduce the public to the practice of philosophy through free, entertaining, and accessible videos featuring experts from around the world.

History of Philosophy - King's College London

Creating a Rational Argument