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Year 10: Term 2: Hitler and Nazi Germany

Useful Websites

Stalingrad: Hitler's nemesis 
By Frederic F. Clairmont, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 38, No. 27 (Jul. 5-11, 2003), pp. 2819-2823.

Suggested websites with Primary Sources

Essay Planning Mind Map

Useful Databases

If you are off-campus, and are having difficulty logging in, please use the Database Passwords document previously emailed to you by your Head of Library.

MyBib Referencing Generator

Manage your bibliography using "MyBib" - Referencing - LibGuides at  Melbourne High School

MyBib is an online referencing generator to help you with in text references and your List of References.


  • Sign up for an account so that it will store the references for your assignment. Add it to your bookmark bar to find it quickly.
  • Install the Chrome extension to make your referencing even faster.
  • Make sure everything in your Reference List has a corresponding In-Text citation in the body of your essay.

PEEAL Method for Writing Your Essay

Useful Ebooks from the Catalogue

We now have many ebooks on Nazi Germany. Specific ones include: The Treaty of Versailles, Auschwitz, The Dresden Bombing, Hitler Youth, Berlin Olympics, Josef Mengele, Operation Barbarossa and more.

To find them, go to the Oliver catalogue in the box on the left and type in your preferred search term. any ebooks will have the green 'ebook' icon  attached to them.