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Year 10: Term 3: Animal Farm & Maus

Animal Farm - Useful Documents

Animal Farm Infographic (from Course Hero)

Animal Farm - Useful eBooks

Animal Farm - Useful Library Books

Animal Farm - Audiobook (YouTube)

Listen to the audiobook of Animal Farm, with a British reader.

Animal Farm - Audiobook

Animal Farm - Movie Versions

Here are YouTube links to 2 movie versions of Animal Farm. The first, in 1954, was a cartoon version, and the second, in 1999, featured actors.

Maus - Useful Study Guides

Maus - VCE Study Guide
Maus - eNotes 
Maus - Course Hero 
Maus - Litchart 
Maus - BookRags 

Maus - VCE Study Guide

Shmoop - use the links on the left hand side to navigate this detailed study guide

Maus Infographic (from Course Hero)

Maus - Audiobook alongside Comic Book

Useful Videos