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Year 10: Term 3: Environmental Change and Management



Ensure you acknowledge all information you have accessed from printed texts and online sources in your Bibliography using CiteAce.

Research Hints

Most of the information you require will be found on the Internet.  Use the following skills to narrow your searches to discover relevant, trustworthy sites.

  1. Build your search using Google 'Advanced Search'
  2. Be aware of the domain name usage eg
    • .gov (government)
    • .edu (education)
  3. Obtain the most current information by narrowing your search by date.

River Systems Fieldwork/Investigation

Logan River


>  Click on the following map of Logan River Catchment for
some quick facts from Logan City Council.

>  Click on the  following image to link to the
Logan Catchment story

>  Click on the image below to access
the South East Qld Healthy Water site.
Links to access the Logan Catchment
Healthy Water report card 2015 - 2017.


Kedron Brook

>  Click on image below to link to BBC overview and map

>  Kedron Brook is a subcatchment of the
Lower Brisbane catchment. 
Click here to link to the document  and scroll
through to find Kedron Brook