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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 2: Inequalities of Income Distribution

Inequality of Income Distribution - General

Spinney Press

UNSW Newsroom: Who is most impacted by inequality in Australia 2020?

ACOSS and UNSW: Inequality in Australia 2020 Part 1 - Impact of Covid on Income Inequality 

ACOSS and UNSW: Inequality in Australia 2020 Part 2 - Who is affected and why? 

APO: Inequality in Australia 2020 - Part 1, Overview

ABC News (Sep 2020): Rich getting richer and poor slipping further back, with youth inequality growing fastest, ACOSS says (Dec 2020): New report: Who is most impacted by inequality in Australia? 

Sydney Morning Herald (Dec 2020): The rich, the comfortable middle and the rest: Australia’s wealth and income ladder revealed

The Guardian: Inequality is already rising in Australia - Tax cuts would entrench it for no economic reason (2020)

2018 Productivity Commission: Rising Inequality? A Stocktake of the Evidence 

The Guardian: Australian Poverty in Graphs - It's a Desperate State of Affairs 
Check out the excellent and up-to-date graph.

Roy Morgan: Wealth Inequality in Australia is Getting Worse 

Probono Australia: Wealth Inequality in Australia on the Rise 

ACOSS: Inequality in Australia 2018 

Trends in Australia's Distribution of Income and Wealth 2018 
By Whiteford, Peter, in Ecodate journal. 01/03/2018, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p3-11. 9p.  

The Courier Mail: New report reveals reality of inequality in Australia 

Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia 2018(University of Melbourne)

OECD Economics: Income wealth and earnings inequality in Australia - Evidence from the HILDA survey 

Productivity Commission: Is Australia becoming more unequal? (May 2019)

Productivity Commission: Rising Inequality? A Stocktake of the Evidence 

Productivity Commission: Highlights of 'Rising Inequality in Australia' Document 
This document is the highlights package which gives an overview of the above document.

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Inequality of Income Distribution A to E

Balancing work and family life is essential - This piece was sourced from the Australian Council of Trade Unions

MAKE SURE YOU VISIT THE 'INFORMIT' DATABASE  (of Australian social issues information)

Cashless Debit Card - Evaluation

Cashless Debit Card 
Sourced from the Parliamentary Library

Getting a Fair Go not Child's Play - News article identifying that the lower wage of child care workers reflects that gender pay gap in Australia. Sourced through EBSCO Host

Using Adaptive Governance to Rethink the Way Science Supports Australian Drought Policy

Sourced from Australia/New Zealand Points of View Database

Drought Policy - Sourced from the Australian Government Website

ABARES: Farm performance: broadacre and dairy farms, 2016–17 to 2018–19

ABARES: Analysis of 2018 Drought

North Queensland Register: Drought Slashes Queensland Farmer Incomes by Half

Inequality of Income Distribution F to M

Employment Conditions and Health Inequalities - Use a Control + F search to find "foreign workers"

Minimum Wage Earners - Sourced from Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). Discusses the current trends and issues in relations to minimum wage earners.

Inequality of Income Distribution N to Y

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Inequality in Australia Infographic


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Australian Newspapers

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Examples of In-Text Referencing

Information prominent,

Direct quote

‘18% of Indigenous Australians aged 15 and over
reported a gross personal income of $1,000 or more per week’ (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2020).

End-Text Reference
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2020, 'Indigenous income and finance', AIHW, Canberra, viewed 20 August 2020, <

Author prominent,

Direct quote

According to The Australian newspaper's Noel Pearson and William Mitchell (2020), "Before the pandemic, the employment rate for indigenous Australians was 49 per cent while for other Australians it was 75 per cent'. 

End-Text Reference

Pearson, N & Mitchell, W 2020, 'Inequality and
poverty not just an indigenous problem', The Australian, 21 August, viewed 21 August 2020 <

Quote from a well-known person, via another source, Indirect quote

Prime Minister Morrison has stated that the results of the Closing the Gap initiative were not good enough, and that the disadvantage suffered by indigenous children was a national shame (BBC News 2020).

End-Text Reference:

BBC News 2020, ' Closing the gap: Australia's indigenous inequality not good enough', BBC News, 12 February, viewed 20 August 2020,  <>.