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Books and Reading: Accelerated Reader - Student

Here you can find new books, favourite authors and much more. This is your guide to what is in the collection at Brisbane Boys' College.

Student Logins for Star Reading and Accelerated Reader

  • Click on the image above 
  • Choose 'Student', and login (these logins ARE case-sensitive):

          Username: 1st initial + 1st 4 letters of your surname eg:

John Adams is jadam
Jacob Spenser is jspen

          Password:  abc

                    (DO NOT USE CAPS)

When you have logged in, choose either Star Reading or Accelerated Reader.

Finding Books Via Oliver Catalogue



AR Reading Rewards




First 5 books in reading range

Freddo chocolate frog
10 Books

Snack size Chocolate

50 points

Chocolate Bar

100 points

$5 Bookmark

200 points

$25 Dymocks voucher

300 points

$30 Cinema Gift Card

500 points

$40 JB HiFi Gift Card

1000 points

$100 Adreneline adventure experience voucher
Reading Personal Target Goal Pizza Party and Kahoot Quiz

How to Access Ebooks Through BBC Digital Library (Wheelers)


  1. eBooks can be accessed via the Library Catalogue  -  see the icon for eBooks
  2. Click on the book cover.  When the next screen opens, look for the tab BORROW eBOOK. 
  3. You will be automatically logged into the eBook - ensure you bookmark the eBook on your laptop Bookmark Bar so that you can return to it whenever you wish to continue reading. 
    (If the menu which shows the bookmark bar does not appear, right click on the top of your screen and  select 'Show as Tab').
  4. Under the SETTINGS icon ensure that the OFFLINE STORAGE is enabled.  This will allow you to read your eBook even when network access is not available.

Or you click on the image above or HERE to go to directly into BBC's Digital Library.

  1. Click on START BROWSING, and then choose a book.
  2. Click on BORROW.
  3. Whilst you are in BBC's Digital Library, you can look at MY LOANS to see what eBooks you have borrowed and you can RETURN your eBook early if you require.

A List of Great Books For Year 7 Boys

What will I read next?

The following websites will assist you to find a book similar to something you have already enjoyed.  Type in your favourite book or author to obtain a list of similar suggestions.



Accelerated Reader Classes - 2019-2020

Assistance from the Teacher-librarian

Reading for pleasure

End of semester Pizza party and Kahoot quiz

Reading with pride

Earning awards

A comfortable spot to read

Awards for top readers

Winners of the Kahoot quiz

A great book

Experiencing other worlds whilst lost in a book

Pirate visits during Book Week

Reading achievements

Reaching reading goals






Year 7 Accelerated Reader Program

'Comics Plus' Database

We now have an exciting new subscription to ComicsPLus, a wonderful ebook collection of thousands of comics, graphic novels and manga! If you like to read stories with visuals, you'll love it!

Click on the image above, or click HERE to access - no passwords needed.

To help you navigate the program, click HERE for a presentation about the features of ComicsPlus.

Some Comics Plus Choices

AR Bookfinder

Click on the image below to search Accelerated Reader BookFinder and see if your book has a quiz attached to it.

To search for lists of possible books in your Reading Range (ZPD), please insert the BBC code XX476606  in the text box indicated ('Enter Keycode'). Choose 'Teacher Lists' from the toolbar.

Wheelers App : Audio and eBooks

Wheelers ePlatform hosts an inspiring Australasian-based digital library. There are over 2000 ebook titles and over 700 Audiobook titles to choose from, with the inventory growing every day. 

As access to Brisbane Boys’ College wifi for personal  devices (such as phones) requires certification, we suggest students upload the 'Wheelers App' and audio books from your home network.


  1. Add the 'Wheelers app' to your phone from your App Store.
  2. Tap on ‘Add Library’ or ‘Find your Library’ from the menu – search for Brisbane Boys College and select.
  3. Browse or search for an Audio Book.
  4. Click on the audiobook you are interested in, then click on ‘Sign in’.
  5. Use your Network login and Password to sign in.
  6. Once signed in you can select ‘Borrow’ > then click on ‘Play/Pause’.
  7. Ensure you go to the three bar menu   in the right top corner of your screen and select ‘Store Offline’.  This will enable you to listen to the audio book whilst offline.
  8. Click again on the 3 bars to see your book downloading. This may take up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the book.
  9. Now you should be able to listen to your audiobook offline (eg in car or bus). To check if this will work, turn your wi-fi off and see if you can still hear the sound.

NOTE:  Both eBooks and Audio books are available for download through the Wheelers App downloaded to your phone.

  • Select Brisbane Boys’ College Library
  • Select Browse or Search
  • Audio books show the sound file  
  • All other Titles are eBooks
  • eBooks are available to read offline as long as Settings show ‘Reading Storage’  is enabled.  This is usually the default setting.


MP3 Audiobooks to Accompany Print Books

Title  Collection Author BookLevel
The 13-Story Treehouse     Mid-Fic Humour     GRI 3.9
The 26-Story Treehouse Mid-Fic Humour GRI 4.4
The 39-Story Treehouse Mid-Fic Humour GRI 3.7
Boy Overboard Mid-Fic General GLE 3.9
Just Disgusting! Mid-Fic Humour GRI 3.7
Just Stupid! Mid-Fic Humour GRI 3.2
Just Tricking Mid-Fic Humour GRI 4.0
Wonder Mid-Fic General PAL 4.8
The Day My Bum Went Psycho Mid-Fic Humour    GRI 4.7
Middle School: Get Me Out of Here! Mid-Fic Humour PAT 4.4
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mid-Fic Humour    KIN 5.3
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Mid-Fic Humour    KIN 5.2
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Mid-Fic Humour KIN 5.2
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw Mid-Fic Humour KIN 5.4
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel Mid-Fic Humour KIN 5.6
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth Mid-Fic Humour KIN 5.5
Specky Magee Mid-Fic Sport ARE 5.2

Dyslexia friendly reading