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Junior School: Gold Rush

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What is Gold and its properties?

·         It is heavy, bright, yellow, dense, soft shiny metal

·         It doesn’t rust or corrode

·         It can be melted and changed many times without losing its weight

·         It is malleable: can be carved - statues, rings, temples

·         It has always fascinated mankind

·         Reserves are used in many countries to support their money

·         It is high in value and can be very expensive to buy



History shows Edward Hargraves did much more than flame the Gold Rush |  Newcastle Herald | Newcastle, NSW

Edward Hammond Hargraves was born on 7 October 1816 in Gosport, Hampshire, England, the son of Elizabeth and John Edward Hargraves. He was educated in Brighton and Lewes, but left school at the age of 14 to go to sea. He arrived in Sydney in 1832.

Born: 7 October 1816, Gosport, United Kingdom

Died: 29 October 1891, Sydney

Known forAustralian gold rush


Learn what lead to the Eureka Uprising and the effects this had on the diggers.