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Research: Referencing


This page contains information about how to construct a Bibliography or Reference List (end-text referencing) and write quotes (in-text referencing). BBC has chosen the Harvard method as the simplest of several styles.

All student work that draws on the ideas or work of others should be referenced properly. This ensures you are giving credit where it is due and avoiding plagiarism.

Why Reference?

Why is it important to reference other people's work?

  • To acknowledge the author of the idea or thought
  • To indicate to the reader your source of information
  • To add value to your own work by including knowledge that has come from an expert
  • To add value to your work by including facts and figures that have been checked

What should be referenced?

  • Direct quotations
  • Information, including facts and figures, that has been paraphrased
  • Ideas that have been adapted from another person's original idea

You do NOT have to acknowledge accepted beliefs or general knowledge eg World War II began in 1939, or Bradman was a great Australian batsman.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Kate Hart has created a graphic guide to citing and referencing sources.

It provides a guide to when and how you should acknowledge the work of others in your research tasks.

University of Queensland Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism

How to Construct Harvard Citations

 Online version of Harvard referencing booklet

The online version of the booklet you should own. Choose which sources you want to reference (eg a website) and click on all the types. Copy the style. Code Name  is: BBC; Pin no. is 1721.

Book About Referencing and Bibliographies

This book available from the Bookshop or Library has EVERYTHING you need to know about how to do Bibliographies or Lists of References, and also about how to insert quotes into your essays. It is on your compulsory book purchase list for English, SOSE and Science, so you need to have your own copy.

Annotated Bibliographies

Plagiarism detector


Grammarly Best Plagiarism Detector and Proof-Reader

Edit your writing for plagiarism and correct grammar.

How to Write A List of References (End-Text References) Using the CiteAce Program

Zotero - Online Referencing Tool

Zotero can be set to the same Harvard AGPS (Australia) style that CiteAce uses, called 'Melbourne Polytechnic - Harvard'. Please read the instructions carefully.

Any issues - see your Library Staff

'How-To' Guide For In-Text Referencing

How To Write In-Text References for Science

How to Write In-Text References for Humanities