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Year 9: T4: Geography of Interconnections

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Visiting another country is one of the best ways to learn about the culture and language of that country. Cultural tourism is a type of tourism that allows the tourist to participate in local cultural activities, like festivals and rituals. As a result, the tourist can enjoy a genuine cultural exchange with the locals. It also enables local communities to accept their culture as cultural tourism is a major driver for economic growth. So, communities go out of their way to celebrate and promote their culture as it makes them different from other communities.

What is Cultural Tourism?

TourismTeacher - What cultural tourism is and why it is important

UNWTO - Tourism and Culture 


Where do Cultural tourists go?

10 enriching Indigenous travel experiences in Australia

Cultural attractions of Australia

Key cultural attractions around the globe

20 of the best cultural UNESCO sites around the world

2023 Must-see cultural destinations


Cultural tourism data:

National Trust - Australian Heritage Tourism

Cultural Tourism in Australia data - 2019

Heritage Tourism Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Grand View Research


Positive and Negative impacts:

Flight Centre - Responsible Cultural Tourism in 2023

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cultural Tourism

The negative impact of cultural tourism: A case study


Ecotourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. It encompasses nature-based activities that increase visitor appreciation and understanding of natural and cultural values. Ecotourism is often marketed as "responsible" or "sustainable" travel to natural areas, focussed on conserving the environment, and improving the well-being of the local people. Ecotourism may be serve to educate the traveller, to provide funds for conservation, to directly benefit the economy of local communities, or to foster respect for different cultures.


What is Eco tourism?

TourismTeacher - What is eco tourism and why is it important?

QLD Dept of Parks - Eco tourism in Queensland


Where do Eco tourists go?

Eco tourism: Australia's best destinations

Flight Centre - Top 6 Eco tourism destinations in 2023

Contiki - 10 Sustainable Travel destinations


Eco tourism data:

Ecotourism Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Grand View Research

Ecotourism in Australia: State of the Industry Report 2019-2020


Positive and negatives impacts:

30 Top Pros & Cons Of Eco tourism

Austrade - How responsible tourism contributes to a more sustainable visitor economy

Challenges, Solutions, and Future Trends in Eco tourism

United Nations - How Eco tourism is making a positive impact in Bangladesh

Medical tourism is when consumers elect to travel across international borders with the intention of receiving some form of medical treatment. This treatment may span the full range of medical services, but most commonly includes dental care, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, and fertility treatment. About 15,000 Australians travel overseas for medical treatment each year.

What is Medical Tourism?

Smart Traveler - Going Overseas for a Medical Procedure

What is Medical Tourism?


Where do Medical Tourists go?

Top 10 Medical Tourism Destinations in the World


Medical Tourism data:

Does Medical Tourism Promote Economic Growth? A Cross-Country Analysis

Yahoo Finance: Medical Tourism index data

Statista - Top 20 destinations worldwide

International travel by Australians for overseas transplantation

KPMG - Medical tourism in Thailand industry report 2018


Positive and negative impacts:

OECD - Medical Tourism: Treatments, Markets and Health System Implications

The Economist - How the Medical Tourism industry thrives

The outcomes and controversies of transplant tourism

CDC - Medical Tourism Can Be Risky

The Ultimate Guide to Thailand Dental Tourism

Religious tourism involves people traveling within their country and overseas to specifically visit religious destinations because of their beliefs. Sites of special sacred significance have been visited for millennia. Tourism to sacred sites has merged with pilgrimage in the past 2,000 years. It allows people to connect to their religion in a way they might otherwise not be able to, and to understand other faiths better.

What is Religious Tourism?

TourismTeacher - What is Religious tourism?


Where do Religious Tourists go?

Trafalgar Tours - Religious Tours

National Geographic - 38 Holy Sites with awe-inspiring architecture


Religious tourism data:

The growth trajectory of religious tourism in key markets

The European market potential for religious tourism

Religious tourism has been hit hard in the pandemic


Positive and negative impacts:

Challenges of Religious Tourism

The opportunities and challenges of religious tourism

Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism. Sport events of various kinds and sizes attract tourists as participants or spectators from all around the world. Mega sport events such as Olympics and World Cups can be a catalyst for tourism development if successfully leveraged in terms of destination branding, infrastructure development and other economic and social benefits. Sports-focussed activities, such as walking tours, cycling tours or even golfing tours are a way that tourists can participate in their favourite physical activities and see different parts of the world.

What is Sports Tourism? 

World Tourism Organisation - Sports Tourism

TourismTeacher - What is Sports Tourism and Why is it so big?


Where do Sports' Tourists Go?

The Telegraph UK - Why Australia is the place to visit as a sports tourist

Can sport help Australian tourism recover?

Adventure and Sports in South-East Asia

The European market potential for sports tourism

Sport Tourism Cities in the USA


Sports Tourism Data:

Sports Tourism Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Sports Type


Positive and Negative Impacts:

OECD - Benefits and Challenges of Global Sporting Events

The Conversation - Hosting the Olympics: cash cow or money pit?

The Guardian - Commonwealth Games 2026: why has Victoria pulled out

Blog: Sports tourism and what it can do for your community

Long term benefits of Sports tourism

Over-tourism - the negative impacts of large-scale sporting events

Crime and Sports events



Tourism has a large impact on Australia's economy. 

List 3 key ideas from the Australian Government page Tourism and the Visitor Economy which you find interesting and relevant about Australian tourism.

Tourism Report

YouTube: Record and Narrate a Slide Show

How to Reference an Image in a PowerPoint Presentation

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