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Year 8: T3: Tomorrow, When the War Began

Tomorrow, When the War Began

How does John Marsden make us think about the world?

The protagonists of John Marsden’s book are teenagers who are forced to grow up overnight. When they return from a camping trip to find their town has been taken over by a hostile force, they must instantly decide about the course they will take. Obviously, not everyone has the same opinion. Each reader will probably identify strongly with one character more than the others. Marsden encourages us to think about the actions we would take if confronted with such a difficult situation—as many teenagers and much younger children have been forced to do. In that regard, his work is important because it poses universal questions about commitment and courage. He also makes us consider the role of armed struggle in liberation movements. Because the book emphasises Ellie’s role in documenting the experiences the groups undergoes, Marsden also suggests the importance of recording memories for future generations.

From Felicita Burton, BookRags