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Year 10: Term 3: Technology, Innovations and Inventions

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The Ancient Calendar: Thought co.

Other ancient calendars - A variety of calendars - look through the list on the left for more specific information on calendars from various cultures. 

History of the calendar

ancient compass - Google Search | Ancient china, Magnetic compass, Ancient

Compass: National Geographic

Compass history - follow the links to either the magnetic compass and /or the invention of the compass

How the compass affected world history

A history of the magnetic compass

Coin: 50 Yuan (Chinese Inventions - Suspension Bridge) (China, People's  Republic) (1992~1996 - Inventions and Discoveries) WCC:km917

Providing a connection through history - Shanghai Daily

Suspension Bridge - How products are made

Invention of Suspension Bridges by the Chinese, 1900 years ago - California Digital Newspaper Collection


Thales of Miletus - Britannica

Thales of Miletus - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Thales of Miletus - Science Direct

Thales of Miletus - Biography

Medical Innovations

Ancient Greek medicine - Wikipedia

Ancient Greek medicine - Ancient History Encyclopedia

What is Ancient Greek Medicine? - Medical News Today

Medicine in Ancient Greece - Maryville University

Health Care Practices in Ancient Greece: The Hippocratic Ideal - Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine

ONESearch Database Explorer

The ENTIRE collection of resources provided by the BBC Birtles Library can be searched on ONE single, powerful search platform, which retrieves print books, eBooks, database articles and websites. Click HERE for assistance.

Architecture - Roads, Aqueducts etc

Time periods

Neolithic Revolution - HISTORY

Neolithic Revolution: Britannica - Use Ctrl F to find the section on the Neolithic Revolution

Neolithic Revolution - National Geographic

Neolithic Revolution - Khan Academy

Neolithic Revolution

Useful Databases

Useful Ebooks