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Year 9: Industrial Revolution

Ebooks From the Catalogue


National Geographic: Industrial Revolution and technology

Khan Academy: Industrial Revolution

Flying Shuttle (John Kay)

Water-Powered Loom (Edmund Cartwright)

Water Frame (Richard Arkwright)

Spinning Jenny - Industrial Revolution (James Hargreaves)   

Sewing Machine (Elias Howe)

Steam Engine (Thomas Newcomen)

Steam Engine (James Watt)

Steam Locomotive (George and Robert Stephenson)

Steam Turbine (Charles Parsons)

Steamboat (Robert Fulton)

Seed Drill and Horse Drawn Hoe (Jethro Tull)

Selective Stock Breeding (Robert Bakewell)

Antibiotics / Pasteurisation (Louis Pasteur)

Anaesthesia (Horace Wells)

Vaccines (Edward Jenner)

X-Rays (Wilhelm Rontgen)

Stethoscope (Rene Laennec)

Antisepsis (Joseph Lister)

Dynamite (Alfred Nobel)

Road building (John Macadam)

Steel-Making (Henry Bessemer)

Photographs (Nicephore Niepce)

Food Canning (Nicolas Appert)

Oliver Library Catalogue

 Oliver Library Catalogue

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Guiding Questions

  1. What factors led to the innovation/invention?
  2. How did it improve life during the IR?
  3. How significant was the innovation and how has it contributed to modern society?

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