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Year 11: Term 1: Natural beings

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Useful Websites

Scientific American: Artists and Scientists - More Alike Than Different

Forbes: Why Art and Science are More Closely Related Than You Think

Quora: Do Artists and Scientists Share Any Values in Common? If So, What Are They?

What Do Artists and Scientists Have in Common?

The Art of Education: 11 Fascinating Artists Inspired by Science


Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance
Artchive: Leonardo
Scroll down on the left to 'Leonardo'

EyeconArt : Leonardo's Paintings

EyeconArt: Innovations and Artists of the Italian Renaissance

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Leonardo

Dutch Landscape Painting
Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Albert Cuyp

Artcyclopedia: Albert Cuyp

National Gallery: Albert Cuyp

WebMuseum: Cuyp

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Jacob van Ruisdael

Artcyclopedia: Van Ruisdael

Turner and the Romantic Movement
Art Education: Romanticism

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: JMW Turner

Knowledge Rush: JMW Turner

Artcyclopedia: Turner

Knowledge Rush: Romantic Movement

Turner: Artist, Painter of Light

Impressionism and the phenomenon of light
Art Education: Impressionism

Eyeconart: Impressionism

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Claude Monet

Artcyclopedia: Monet

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Australian Colonial Art
Australia's Culture Portal: Australia's Painters

Artists' Footsteps: Eugene von Guerard

John Glover Society

ABC: John Glover Exhibition

Australian Impressionism
Princeton University: Australian Impressionism

The Blurb: Australian Impressionism

Waltzing Matilda: Australian Impressionists

Australian Dictionary of Biography: Arthur Streeton

Artcyclopedia: Arthur Streeton

Worldwide Art Resources: Arthur Streeton

Dictionary of Australian Artists: John Peter Russell

Art Education: Surrealism

Eyeconart: Surrealism

Artcyclopedia: Surrealism

Artcyclopedia: Salvador Dali

Artcyclopedia: Rene Magritte

Pollock and the Abstract Expressionists
Art Education: Abstract Expressionism

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Jackson Pollock

Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Abstract Expressionism

Artcyclopedia: Abstract Expressionism

Artcyclopedia: Jackson Pollock

Eyeconart: Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art

Damien Hirst
Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: Damien Hirst

Artcyclopedia: Damien Hirst

Artchive: Damien Hirst

Telegraph: Damien Hirst

Haber Arts: Damien Hirst

The Arts Desk: Damien Hirst

More Useful Websites

Andy Goldsworthy
Artcyclopedia: Andy Goldsworthy

Squidoo: Andy Goldsworthy

NY Times: Andy Goldsworthy

The Guardian: Andy Goldsworthy

Morning Earth: Andy Goldsworthy

Empty Easel: Andy Goldsworthy

Louise Bourgeois
Artcyclopedia: Louise Bourgeois

Squidoo: Louise Bourgeois

NY Times: Louise Bourgeois

Telegraph: Louise Bourgeois

Haber's Art Reviews: Louise Bourgeois

NY Times: Louise Bourgeois

Review: Louise Bourgeois

John Wolseley
John Wolseley

Roslyn Oxley Gallery: John Wolseley

London Arts Group: John Wolseley

National Library of Australia: John Wolseley

Marion Borgelt
Dictionary of Australian Artists: Marion Borgelt

DominikMersch Gallery: Marion Borgelt

Sydney Morning Herald: Marion Borgelt

Emily Kngwarreye
Dictionary of Australian Artists: Emily Kngwarreye

Frieze Magazine: Emily Kngwarreye

Squidoo: Emily Kngwarreye

ArtBlart: Emily Kngwarreye

GraficoArts: Emily Kngwarreye

National Museum of Australia: Emily Kngwarreye

World Socialist Web Site: Emily Kngwarreye

Yuken Teruya
Asian Art Newspaper: Yuken Teruya

APT5: Yuken Teruya

Yuken Teruya Studio

Saatchi Gallery: Yuken Teruya

Paper Trees by Yuken Teruya

Bharti Kher
APT5: Bharti Kher

Galerie Perrotin: Bharti Kher

Hauser & Worth: Bharti Kher

Design Boom: Bindi Kher

Justine Cooper
APT5: Justine Cooper

Daneyal Mahmood Gallery: Justine Cooper

Carlton College: Justine Cooper

Nova Media: Justine Cooper

APT Artists at GOMA
APT9 Artists
Scroll down to 'Artists'

APT8 Artists

Peter Kogler
Peter Kogler Home Page

I Like This Art: Peter Kogler

James Turrell
National Gallery of Australia: James Turrell - A Retrospective

James Turrell Home Page

Ron Mueck
Ron Mueck

The White Review: Ron Mueck

The Age Entertainment: Ron Muec

Patricia Piccinini
Patricia Piccini Home Page

Roslyn Oxley Gallery: PatriciaPiccini Profile
Scroll to the bottom of the page for reviews of her work.

Bioart: Is it art? Is it science? Is it the future?

The Ethical Claims of Bioart

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Referencing Art Pictures

Emily Kngwarreye Emu Woman 1988–89

National Museum Australia n.d.