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Books and Reading: Readers & Writers

Here you can find new books, favourite authors and much more. This is your guide to what is in the collection at Brisbane Boys' College.

Look at these Book Trailers!



Nicholas & Alison Lochel

Nicholas and Alison Lochel are a brother and sister writing team from Brisbane. Their first book in the Zarkora series is The Fyrelit Tragedy, the first of four titles. Zarkora 2 has already been released and the third title will be out in May, 2015. The two writers were the MCs for our CBCA Years 6/7 Readers' Cup on 10 June. Donating to the competition 20 copies of the first book in the series, they were then inundated with requests to sign them! Two very sore writing hands ensued...


A wonderful fantasy series, this is one to read and enjoy!


Zarkora ... A city lost to darkness. But everything that is lost, eventually must come to light. Five years after losing their parents, Neleik and Ervine Fyrelit, two poor farm boys witness the kidnapping of their little sister, Sky. The Fyrelit brothers set off on a journey into darkness, unlocking secrets and revealing an unknown past beyond their imaginations. They will meet loyal companions, face against powerful enemies, in a world that is unknown to them in hope of rescuing their sister.


Veronica Roth
Author of the Divergent series
2018 Brisbane Writer's Festival

Cally Black
Author of In all the dark places
2018 Brisbane Writer's Festival

Mark Smith (author) spoke to Year 9s and ran workshops for Year 8 classes. His writing has won a number of awards.  

Popular author Michael Gerard Bauer (with his book 'Don't Call Me Ishmael!') visits BBC for World Read-Aloud Day

Tristan Bancks spoke to Middle School students

Brisbane author James Moloney visits BBC

The Road to Winter' and the sequel 'Wilder Country' are very popular novels by Mark Smith - visiting author.

Jessica Townsend, author of 'Nevermoor' speaking at the the Brisbane Writer's Festival

Oliver Phommavanh, author of Thai-riffic speaking at the Brisbane Writer's Festival

And these too!