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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 3: The White Earth

Audiobook Version of 'The White Earth'

1. There is one copy of the CD available in the Library, but it needs an external CD drive to listen to it because student tablets don't have CD drives. 

2. As well, there are 6 CD copies owned by the English Department, so teachers would have a copy students might be able to access.

3. There  is also a digital copy from Bolinda Audiobooks, which is available for borrowing from the Brisbane City Council. Students (or their parents) need to register with the Brisbane City Council and login to download from here

4. Students whose families subscribe to Audible can also download the novel  from their website (or try the free trial and listen to it, but not subscribe afterwards).

4. Also, an individual student can purchase the audiobook CD for themselves from