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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 1: Motor Learning and Volleyball

Motor Learning and Volleyball

Motor Learning

Motor learning is a relatively permanent change in the ability to execute a motor skill as a result of practice or experience. This is in contrast to performance, the act of executing a motor skill that results in a temporary, nonpermanent change - motor performance is just the ability to perform a motor task. Motor learning is to have a carryover between one movement pattern and other functional movement patterns.

Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition - General

Motor Learning - Volleyball

YouTube Playlist of Videos on Volleyball Skills

Textbook Chapter - 'Skill Learning Principles'

See information in Chapter 8 of 'Live it up 1: VCE Physical Education Units 1 & 2', by David Smyth, Wayne Judge, Michelle O'Keefe, Fiona Shepherd, Michelle Fluch and Kirsty O'Rourke, Jacaranda Plus, 2011, published by John Wiley and Sons. Scanned under licence.

ISBN 9781742461298

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Useful Ebooks on Volleyball (Use Student Number to Access)

Textbook Chapter - 'Skill and Performance'

See information in Chapter 8 of Outcomes 2: Personal development, health and physical education, by Ron Ruskin, Kim Proctor and David Neeves. Published by John Wiley and Sons, 2009. Scanned under licence.

ISBN: 9781118598962