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Senior: 11 & 12: Unit 2: Coercive Control



Australian Institute of Criminology: Experiences of coercive control among Australian women

Hannah Clarke
The Guardian: Queensland moves to criminalise coercive control after murder of Hannah Clarke and her children
Preethy Reddy
ABC-Net: Sydney dentist Preethi Reddy was murdered in hotel room before being stuffed in suitcase, coroner finds

Children of Victims

Australian Institute of Family Studies: Links between coercive controlling violence, parenting problems and children’s behaviours
Child Abuse Review: When coercive control continues to harm children 
Iriss: Children experiencing interparental coercive control

Research in Practice (UK): Coercive control: Impacts on children and young people in the family environment: Literature Review (2018)

Family Protection Groups

Australian Women Against Violence Alliance: Criminalisation of coercive control 
Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre
Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA) 

Women's Agenda: Coercive control results

Legal Groups
AustLII: Douglas, Heaher --- "Do we need an offence of coercive control?" [2018] PrecedentAULA 6; (2018) 144 Precedent 18
Australian Lawyer's Alliance: Domestic coercive control could soon be criminal in Australia
Women's Legal Service Victoria: Justice system response to coercive control - Policy brief
Pullos Lawyers: Coercive Control is a Form of Domestic Violence, So Why isn’t it Illegal in Australia?


Queensland Government: Former Court of Appeal judge to lead taskforce into coercive control

Queensland Government: Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce (Justice McMurdo, Qld)
Parliament of Australia: Non-physical forms of violence

Respect Victoria (Vic. Govt): Coercive control and the primary prevention of family violence

Pending and Existing Laws for Coercive Control

HopGood Lawyers: How the Australian courts are tackling coercive control
International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy: Why Criminalise Coercive Control? The Complicity of the Criminal Law in Punishing Women Through Furthering the Power of the State 

ABC News: How will Queensland criminalise coercive control in domestic violence relationships?
The taskforce (Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce, with Margaret McMurdo) recommends in 'Hear Her Story' the creation of a standalone offence of coercive control in Queensland; however there's still plenty of groundwork to do first. It's recommended the offence be placed into the criminal code and carry a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail. The legislation to establish the offence should be introduced to parliament by 2023, according to the report, and following the implementation of other changes. Per the report's recommendation, the changes will be modelled on a similar offence that operates in Scotland, and will include a defence that the conduct was reasonable in the context of the relationship as a whole, with the onus of proof on the defendant.

New South Wales
New South Wales is set (as at March 2022) to outlaw coercive control, making the state one of the first in Australia to make the abusive act a stand-alone offence.


Tasmania is the only Australia State to criminalise non-physical forms of family violence such as economic abuse and emotional abuse or intimidation in the Family Violence Act 2004 (TAS). This legislation covers current and previous intimate partners and victims/survivors are not required to provide proof on harm.

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